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Flex 3s Massage ChairFlex 3s Massage Chair

As its name suggests, the Flex 3s massage chair is uniquely designed around the need we all have for flexibility and body mobility—keys to a healthy mind and confident self.

That’s because posture is inextricably linked to mood and one’s overall sense of well-being. This mind-body connection was engineered into every detail of the Flex 3s in consultation with renowned Japanese sports stretching instructor Tadashi Kaneko.

This unique approach to design makes the Flex 3s the only massage chair in the world that combines effective stretching movements with traditional Japanese massage techniques. The result is freedom from pain, stiffness and poor posture. But stretching and mobility are just the beginning: the Flex 3s also helps to revive the natural S-curve of your spine as a foundation for improved posture. It also helps to stimulate abdominal muscles for a stronger core, while inducing deep breathing through the chair’s back and shoulder movements that actually exercise the diaphragm.

The Flex 3s offers four pre-programmed sessions—Full Body & Stretch, Stretch All, Full Body and Low Body—but also allows unlimited customization for your unique definition of the perfect massage/stretch experience. The stretching and body mobility features of the Flex 3s are wonderfully complemented by soothing air-cell compressions of arms, legs and feet, along with optional heating of fingers and toes.

Yu•Me Massage ChairYu•Me Massage Chair

The Yu•Me rocking massage chair is a holistic massage experience so powerful that it will transcend your expectations of what a massage chair can offer. Yu•Me faithfully replicates age-old shiatsu master manipulations and motions that transform, relax, and transport you to a place of total serenity. It’s the perfect massage chair for everyone—the perfect chair for You and for Me!

Experience a shiatsu massage that maximizes relief, removes tension and stiffness, and offers you an escape from the stress of everyday life. Blending Eastern medical knowledge, modern technology, and a collection of proprietary features and functions, Yu•Me Massage Chair delivers unsurpassed therapeutic benefits, ultimate stress relief, and holistic relaxation of your mind and body. Posture correction, neck traction, stretching, full body massage therapy, targeted therapeutic massage, and daily stress reduction — get it all by customizing each massage to your specific needs.

Yu•Me Massage Chair incorporates the industry’s gold standard, Inada’s Proprietary Body Scanning. But there’s much more to the Yu•Me Massage Chair, a whole collection of new and remarkable capabilities including a proprietary neck stretch pillow that only Inada could have possibly conceived and developed, and a proprietary calf and foot massage feature that will make your calves and feet feel better than ever.

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